10 Classes to Take Outside This Summer-04

There is no better time than the summertime to take some of your favorite indoor workouts outside. Switching up how and where you work out can offer a resurgence of commitment and excitement. It also allows for the opportunity to work out when away from home virtually or in person.

Below are the top ten Recess workouts that you can transition outdoors this summer to beat boredom and get excited about your workouts again.

10 Classes to Take Outside This Summer-Mason

1. HIIT Full Body Workout

Mason Denham has over 15 years in the fitness industry, he takes pride in providing all his students the best results possible. He offers a fun environment that is welcoming for all fitness levels.  

Try this workout here: https://recess.tv/@Live35




10 Classes to Take Outside This Summer-Buddy

2. Yoga Flow with Buddy

Yoga you can truly do anywhere but taking the practice outdoors really allows you to be more grounded. Buddy offers an excellent yoga class and also teaches meditation/sound bowl classes with Reiki energy. He is a strong believer that everyone should find a way to move their bodies daily while remembering you have the power to live the most amazing life NOW!

Try this workout here: https://recess.tv/@buddymademedoit



10 Classes to Take Outside This Summer-Coach Cap

3. Tighten up Tuesdays 

Mark your calendar! Tuesdays with Camise (Coach CAP)  allows you to find your inner strength and can easily be done outdoors since minimal equipment is required for this workout. Coach CAP infuses her past experiences as a division 1 college athlete to help encourage her students to live better through movement and nutrition.

Try this workout here: https://recess.tv/@capfitnessllc



10 Classes to Take Outside This Summer-Mike4. Oh Swiss!

Mike Dewar’s workouts are great for all fitness levels, from his fitness test Friday’s to his Total Body Reset workouts you will feel challenged regardless of where you are in your journey. Some workouts do require minimal equipment but can be easily mimicked without or using substitutions like water bottles or soup cans when required to use lighter weights.

Try this workout here: https://recess.tv/@ProveFit



10 Classes to Take Outside This Summer-Nan5. Nan: Nan Beaux Cardio Kick!

Who doesn’t love a good kickboxing workout? Nan who leads the class gets people to transform their lives one step at a time and truly iLUMAnate! The great thing about this workout is you don’t need any equipment, incorporating old-school boxing fundamentals you are guaranteed to work up a sweat.

Try this workout here: https://recess.tv/@NanLuma





6. Core and Conditioning

Stephen Navaretta AKA Brooklyn Tank helps others build a better health and a better version of themselves. He emphasizes you don’t need fancy equipment to train hard. This approach led him to focus on bodyweight training and a holistic approach to fitness. Brooklyn’s Total Body Isometric and Lower Body workouts can easily be done anywhere outdoors this summer.

Try this workout https://recess.tv/@brooklyntank



10 Classes to Take Outside This Summer-Mandy7. Strong Simmah

Mandy Hoffman created workouts that embody intentional movement, are shorter, and can be done in small pockets of the day. If you are looking for a quick park workout or want to weave in some movement while at the beach, Hoffman offers low-impact and high-efficiency routines.

Try this workout https://recess.tv/@StrongFlight




10 Classes to Take Outside This Summer-Skip Sisters8. Skip Sisters

Is jumping rope something you always wanted to try but just couldn’t get into it or didn’t know where to start? The Skip Sisters can get you started with just one jump rope. Jumping rope can burn a serious amount of calories, improve your endurance, and is easy to do while traveling. Workouts range from Jump Rope like a Boxer to Tabata Jump Rope with planks.

Try this workout: https://recess.tv/@skipsisters



10 Classes to Take Outside This Summer-Curl Crush9. Curl crush yoga: 23min Shoulder Release

Tiffany is a dedicated yogi and a 200-hour certified Yoga Teacher that’s focused on inspiring Boss Babes to find balance! Enjoy the weight of the world melt away from her shoulder release session, perfect for breaking up the workday outside or adding some mindful movement to a vacation getaway.

Try this workout: https://recess.tv/@curlcrushyoga



Kate10. Full body workout

Kate Vaseva believes that living shouldn’t come with aches and pains. Her philosophy helps people rid themselves of chronic pain while improving their flexibility. Her one-hour Mat Pilates class is a great way to start the day or end the day, all you need is a yoga mat!

Try this workout: https://recess.tv/@Stay-Active-Eat-Well

Take the time to truly enjoy the summer while reaping the benefits of a movement practice outdoors. 

P.S. Don’t forget your sunscreen!