When you are scrolling social media how do you decide who to follow vs who not to follow? It’s probably a good idea to be selective with the content you digest for a number of mental health reasons. The average user worldwide as of 2022 spends about 147 minutes per day scrolling their social feeds. With that being said why not make sure the people you are following are inspiring and motivational?

aapi final

In the spirit of AAPI Heritage Month Recess has put together a list of 5 Asian American fitness accounts to follow below!

Barbell Brigade @barbellbrigade

Bart Kwan is the owner of the athletic clothing brand Barbell Brigade as well as co-owner of a gym. Kwan’s resume is very robust and diverse at the same time. He is a Marines Veteran, UCLA Grad, Comedian, skit actor, Vlogger, Powerlifter, MMA enthusiast, and entrepreneur. His videos are interesting, informative, and entertaining.

Chloe Ting @chloe_t

Chloe Ting is an Australian social media personality and a YouTube sensation. Her channel launched in 2011 and really took off in 2020 with her simple at-home workouts. Ting has a goal to make health and fitness accessible to all by providing free workout programs and sharing free recipes with her audience. She also has an exclusive workout line available at Walmart.

Dr. Ryan Chow @dr.ryanchow

Dr. Ryan Chow is the founder of Reload which offers a long-term health transformation for clients with a holistic human-centered approach. His community-based community offers measurable outcomes. Ryan earned his B.S. in Movement Science from the University of Michigan and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Mercy College. He spent 7 years as a personal trainer before becoming a physical therapist and aims to improve the standard in both fields.

Remi Ishizuka @Rrayyme

Remi describes herself as a health and wellness blogger that is based in LA. She has a passion for healthy living and originally started her blog by simply posting her healthy breakfast bowls. 5 years later she completely evolved her platform by creating a virtual workout program called HomeBodies. Remi fully believes that healthy habits can create a long-lasting change with the right support and community.

Matt Kido @gokuflex

Matt Kido is a YouTube star with over 750,000 dedicated subscribers. As the creator of the Saiyan Aesthetics bodybuilding program, he offers a variety of online coaching programs. His programs include personalized workout programs based on your goals, customized diet programs that teach flexible dieting based on your preferences, workout form assessment, and much more!

These accounts are sure to make you feel inspired and motivated to live a healthier lifestyle.