Fitness has always had a presence in Jenna Willis’s life, she feels it’s always been a part of her.

Jenna grew up with three older brothers that were always active. She felt she had expectations to live up to (at least that is what she told herself). She was always active, being outside, flipping on her trampoline – exercising was her happy place! Willis remembers that she didn’t realize it was fitness until when she got older.

Recess chatted with Willis and she shared some valuable lessons about life as she navigated her career as a fitness trainer. 

7 Life Lessons from Jenna Willis

1. Recognize the signs that life gives you. One of the biggest signs she ever had in her life was when she was approached by a woman in the gym a countless number of times asking if she was a trainer after admiring her technique. After Jenna said no a few times she eventually said yes! She got certified in 2017 after completing four months of course work in just one month.

Fun Fact: 2013-2015 she was on Vanderpump Rules.

2. I believe if you really believe in something and put the work in, it will grow. She decided to step away from the show and continue to pursue her acting career. When she got certified as a trainer in 2017, all her previous castmates supported her. Jenna says that “luck is when hard work meets perseverance. I have had a lot of luck being in the right place at the right time and having my brand grow from there.”


3. Everyone has a push-pull in fitness as we do in life. We have to appreciate the lows to appreciate the highs. Really value the highs because when we go through the lows, remembering the highs pull us out.

4. Take your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. Whether it’s in search of clients or trying to build your brand, or also in the day-to-day exercise, your strength will get always help you. Work on the aspects of your life or business until those weaknesses are no longer a weakness.

Fun Fact: She played volleyball in high school, got a scholarship, and ended up being the
tiniest division 1 player in the nation.

5. If you want something bad enough and dig deep enough, you will find a way to do it. That’s the beauty of mental strength.

6. One of the biggest hurdles in life is patience. Jenna explains we live in a society where everyone wants immediate results with a second-by-second update. Patience is a virtue and it’s something that she openly admits that she struggles with and has to remind herself of it daily.

7. Be kind to yourself through the journey and keep your eye on the prize. Creating healthy habits day to day and not focusing so much on just the goals is key. Once you create a healthy lifestyle you will inevitably reach those goals.

Jenna ends the interview by saying “being able to meet and reach people all over the world and help them grow has been such a beautiful thing.  Fitness should be fun and I want to share that with the world!”

For more information on Jenna Willis visit: https://www.dontsweatitalone.com/