Back to School

Back to school season for instructors might also mean an influx of students that are returning back to their regular fitness routine. The summer is used for traveling, social commitments, and just simple relaxation. As classes both in-person and online start to fill up again below are three tips to help you and your clients transition back to their routine this fall.

Remind them why they started

As clients return back to the gym they may feel unmotivated or overwhelmed with having to weave back fitness back into their routine. Reminding them of why they started is an excellent opportunity for them to reconnect with their goals and/or create new ones. With this uncertain time, it’s vital to offer support and without judgment. If possible try to personalize your approach with students so that each person can feel the impact not only through the physical exercise but of the community you provide as well.

Focus on mindset

With many places both businesses and schools opting for a hybrid schedule the feelings of being overwhelmed can easily take over both you and your students. Tap into a positive mindset that can help you construct offerings that are best suited for these times. Perhaps creating more express classes (30 minutes or less) or mid-day workouts will help your audience feel accomplished without the obligation of committing a full hour. Driving home the message that we are all doing the best that we can. These are not only encouraging words for them in the studio but outside the studio too.

Keep it interesting

Even if you have a signature class and format there is always an opportunity to make it interesting for newcomers and returning students. By implementing simple changes you can get students excited about working out again especially if they took time off the entire summer.

Here are a few ideas:

Good luck to you and your students this back-to-school season!