We all got to have our space where we can be ourselves – free to do what makes us happy! Fitness can be a great space to be yourself. With all the different class types and instructors with their own vibe and culture, there is a little something for everyone.

DSCF5193Recess caught up with Regina (they/she), the Queer Spiritual Magician (more on that later) to discuss her journey as a queer professional, navigating wellness as a provider and what it means to her personally. Spending most of her life dancing and pursuing both a BFA and MFA she transitioned to a life devoted to spiritual practice. She is certified in Ayurveda from the Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda and has her 300-hour yoga teacher certification. In addition, Regina completed her Breathwork Healer training in 2017.

She has spent the past several years devoted to the study of Ayurveda, yoga, tarot as well as all things witchy and esoteric. “I want my clients to feel happy and healthy in their bodies so that it becomes a new way of having a sustainable lifestyle,” Regina explains.

Continue reading to learn how she has found ways to have her voice be a fundamental part of her services without hiding who she is.

Recess: In what ways has your personal wellness practice helped you find your voice?

Regina: Well honestly, I’m used to being seen and heard. My mom put me in dance classes when I was 3 and later I dabbled in theater so I took to the spotlightearly on. What has shifted over the years is my voice is more refined. I have more compassion and empathy for people and their relationship to movement. I move my body as a way to feel good and find joy and yet I acknowledge that that isn’t true for everyone. The people I teach in my classes teach me on a daily basis.  I’ve learned a lot about meeting people where they are at.

Recess: How have you implemented your persona into your brand? Tell me more about your title Queer Spiritual Magician

Regina: That title is actually just me being a bit cheeky. My bio is a way for me to sum up the many parts of my identity without writing an essay. I’m queer, I’m spiritual and I believe in all sorts of magic- meaning human beings are capable of so much. I’ve experienced and witnessed true miracles which I sometimes call magic. We go through so much in a lifetime here on Earth it’s pretty wild when you think about it.

Recess: Being your authentic self is so inspiring, how have your clients/audience resonated with you? 

Regina: I’ve always been very outgoing and curious and people recognize that. I’ve never tried to be anything other than myself and that resonates with people.  


She ends by saying “I am so grateful to find joy in my body and I’m able to find bliss and freedom through movement and that is a true gift,”

For more information on Regina visit or find her on IG @WolfMedicineMagic