Being a fitness professional is hard work especially if you are doing it alone. If you are looking for a community that fosters not only your current goals but also your future aspirations, then Recess is the one! Within the Recess community you can discover tools and resources that support boutique trainers as well as fitness entrepreneurs. Feeling less alone and more supported will ultimately help you help others.

Within Recess, you can network and grow your knowledge alongside fellow trainers and instructors that may be experiencing the same ups and downs as you.

Some perks of the platform include:

So what are trainers saying about Recess?

“By experimenting with ads, Recess was able to help me be visible to a much wider audience than I would have normally been put in front of. I recommend Recess to other instructors because you get to keep 100% of your earnings while having the full support of a team that is “always-on” — within limits, of course.” — Nan Luma

“Recess has given me the tools and ability to teach what I love while building more clientele, without feeling overwhelmed. I recommend Recess to other instructors because Recess is absolutely amazing—from all that it offers to instructors as well as how amazing they are at helping clients.” — Brandy G

“Recess is a step above other platforms in the experience… I love the [marketing] automation of Recess and the support. It’s worth it, for me.” — Mike D.

“Recess has helped me in marketing my brand to reach new clientele so I can focus more on my clients and personalized workouts versus constantly searching for my next customer. I was a fairly new business before switching to Recess and did not work in a gym prior, so it was difficult to gain a following from scratch—Recess has helped so much in that!” — Amy M.

“Working with Recess has been a breath of fresh air! Everything from the platform to the services, to the community they have created as well as the support from the team, is nothing short of amazing! I’m very grateful to be a part of it all!” — Maddy

“Recess has been a great way to connect some of my people virtually. I love that they are always trying to make improvements and listen to the instructors for input. They are always available to ask questions and help.” — Mary

“The Recess platform allows me to be the entrepreneur I want to be at any time, anywhere. The technology and accessibility give me the opportunity to bring my years of experience and unique class formats to a bigger audience. Fitness is truly my passion and Recess allows me to continue to grow.” — Katye