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What is one main thing that keeps you coming back to a fitness class? Many may say it’s the music! With Halloween around the corner, you might be toying with the idea of creating a spooky playlist. Creating a themed class can be a fun way to create an escape for clients while making the workout fun.

Additional benefits of creating a themed workout include:

Creates a sense of appreciation

Clients recognize the hard work you put into formatting a class that challenges them and offers results but they also see the hard work you put into other elements of a class like a playlist.  Try including some favorite songs from your regulars, letting them know this is a special occasion. This really helps the client to feel noticed and appreciated. Who doesn’t love that?!

Helps them have a more effective workout

This is where mindset comes into play! If your students are too busy having a good time they are distracted from the difficulty or challenge of the workout. A good playlist allows them to execute the moves without talking themselves out of completing the move due to difficulty.

Attract new students

Want to stand out amongst other instructors? This is one way to do it. Creating a fun playlist coupled with a good workout will definitely create some buzz at the gym! Go the extra mile and ask students to dress up for your Halloween-themed class.

Themed classes create a sense of community

With songs come memories, if you are adding some classic Halloween music this gives members an opportunity to reminisce with fellow students which will encourage storytelling and engagement. Anytime you can foster authentic conversation within your class, go for it!

If you are looking to switch things up this Halloween season and you want to start introducing a themed workout here are some playlists that can inspire you to get started.

Halloween Workout

LG Fitness Halloween Barre

Ghost Choir

Halloween 2021

What are some of your favorite Halloween songs?