Recovery is the body’s ability to bounce back from physical and emotional trauma. As an instructor, finding time to recover—and the methods that best support your body—is crucial. Between training clients, challenging your own physical capacity and running a business, your week-to-week workload requires some built-in recovery routines.

What sorts of recovery routines can you try in 2022?

Utilizing the proper recovery tools has historically proven to speed up the healing process. This has evolved over the years, becoming more advanced, incorporating ancient techniques, and even becoming more technology-driven. These advancements can offer better performance, less wear and tear on our bodies, and overall relaxation.

There are a multitude of advanced therapy techniques now that include:

Recess chatted with two experts on the benefit of both cupping and muscle stimulation technology that have become popular over the last few years.

No. 1 — Cupping 

Chris Shelton a QiGong Master & Hollywood Healer and author of “QiGong for Self-Refinement: Total Health with the 5 elements; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood”, says Cupping is an ancient technique that uses a jar and light vacuum pressure to clear out toxins, invigorate acupuncture points and move Qi (life-force-energy) and blood.

A cupping jar is a small bottle with a smooth and rounded mouth that creates a partial vacuum over the skin. When a vacuum is created, it causes the blood to circulate and pulls it towards the body’s surface,”

There are several different cupping techniques, always consult your primary health care provider before incorporating this into your routine to make sure it’s safe. This is because there may be some contraindications with certain medical conditions and/or medications.

The most common cupping techniques include:

Weak cupping

Weak cupping is effective for excess heat conditions like stress or stomach problems. Based on Chinese medicine, weak cupping is used to remove stagnation and tonify weak Qi and blood without depleting energy, and is mainly used for weak or frail people. The suction used is less intense, making it a gentle treatment that can be used on patients of any age.

Medium Cupping

This level of cupping can be safely used on children over age 7 and adults. Mainly used for muscular pains, stress-related conditions, and children’s ailments.

Strong Cupping

The purpose of strong cupping is to remove pathogens that cause diseases as well as to improve blood circulation. This level of cupping can also help with painful and swollen joints, low and mid back pain, as well as Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. Because this is the strongest, it can drain your energy, it manipulates significant amounts of blood and Qi, leaving marks on your body most times.

No. 2 — Muscle Stimulation Technology

Mike Mechling, Sr. Sales and Marketing Manager for Compex explain muscle stimulation as electric impulses to cause muscles to contract. This helps to make muscles stronger, help increase endurance as well as boost performance. “The electric impulses help with recovery by flushing out lactic acid and increasing blood flow. Our electric muscle stimulators target slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles without injuring the joints. Our simulators can be used by competitive athletes or folks who are everyday athletes. We have three different muscle stim devices that fit all levels of athletes and it is ideal for all sports,” Mechling further explains.

Products that help you perform better?

Compex at the core was created to help improve the performances of athletes and relieve muscle pain. Mike says “We are muscle specialists who want to help athletes in their quest for well-being and performance. Since the beginning, we have dedicated hours and energy to make sure health care professionals, athletes, and individuals have the essential technology and support needed to help relieve muscle pain and improve strength.” Simply put, integrating Compex products into your training routine will help you build more muscle, strength, and explosiveness in less time than it would take in a normal training regimen alone. Popular tools include massage machine guns, muscle stimulators, massage rollers, and more!  

Electrostimulation during the recovery process

Electrostimulation is important because it’s multifaceted. The process helps to strengthen and repair the tissues, particularly muscles which have become shortened, weakened due to injury or disease. “While it strengthens muscles it also helps the muscles recover by flushing out lactic acid and increasing blood flow,” shares Mike.

Adding recovery to your exercise regimen is just as important as staying in shape.

It can be hard to get results when trying to overcome any type of chronic pain, injury, or accident. Being committed to your physical recovery will offer many physical and mental benefits.


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