Covid affect

Before COVID became a part of your everyday vocabulary it was hard to know that it would change your life forever in so many ways including your health. How you may interact with clients and how you handle your own health has surely been affected in some way or another. “Only time will tell how COVID has affected the meaning of health. We are still only scratching the surface of what we actually know about COVID and its long term effects.” explains Dr. Ari S. Hoschander, MD, FACS

With World Health Day just around the corner you might be thinking of the ways you have revised your health goals and the meaning of it overall.  The pandemic has changed the way we work, interact with others and basically live our day to day lives. Each person has gone through their own personal journey during this time, having an understanding of this will not only help you to serve your students better but also makes you more relatable to what they may be going through.

“I think “health” pre-covid was often equated with looking physically fit. A large percentage of clients came to me solely for weight loss. While losing weight is a result of a healthy lifestyle, people were not necessarily focusing on their immune health, potential risk factors, or if they are young there wasn’t much discussion on how to live longer. After this pandemic, people have begun to question their mortality.” shares Danielle Pashko a Holistic Nutritionist

You may notice that there has been a shift in people’s mindset, perhaps your clients have started to express a deeper appreciation of their own health than they did in the past. Having open discussions about their wellness goals, preventive healthcare and how to be your own healthcare advocate is an opportunity to encourage your students to not sit on the sidelines but instead be proactive about their health on a regular basis.

More questions are being asked than they have in the past, Danielle says, “They want to know how to be protected from other potential health issues.” The pandemic although a scary time has sparked interest in understanding the importance of exercise, good nutrition and mental health.

COVID forced every industry to pivot their approach on how to connect with their audience. Technology has played a major role in how individuals are becoming a major player in their own healthcare story. Telehealth, remote monitoring and online classes allowed people to explore wellness offerings outside of their immediate reach. With this change comes a learning curve that broadens the awareness from what tests you should be requesting at your yearly doctor’s visit to the best workout classes that are ideal for you.

The scope on how to attain good health has definitely expanded past “gym life”. What it means to be healthy can include:

One thing is for certain, being healthy means to be vigilant about your own health daily and not when a problem arises. The pandemic definitely helped to drive this message home