You took the plunge and transitioned into teaching virtually. You have multiple classes on your schedule which all take up a lot of time to program, prep, and teach throughout the week. Now is the perfect time to start incorporating on-demand options for your clients, so you can be there for them — even when you can’t. We chatted with our in-house content team CRU Creative as well as Recess instructor and physical therapist, Dr. Megan-Marie Delegas, on how to best utilize VOD to reach your goals.

Megan-Marie DPT + CRU Creative

Benefits for Teachers + Trainers

Teaching live virtual classes is the closest many of us are getting to recreating our previous studio and gym experiences. Obviously, at Recess we love the energy and community that live classes offer, but it can be a lot on your body and schedule if you have a full class load. This is where creating quality, evergreen video content can support you in growing your business.

When Megan recently moved back to the East coast, she realized VOD would help her support clients and grow her community across time zones. Offering on-demand video content means they can continue to work with her even if she’s sleeping!

Her work as a physical therapist is at the intersection of health and fitness. She’s creating content that is “explaining the intention and education between appropriate and inappropriate movement and how to manage injury.” She’s able to create specific niche content that meets people where they are, or whether rehabbing from an injury or looking to move better through movements like squats and pushups. The benefit of VOD for her is that clients get “to revisit and keep working with” recorded content as they progress.

Recess protip: Create an introductory workout that you can offer for free so new clients can get a sense of your style.


On-demand classes also create an additional income stream for you. Though they may be a greater investment of time upfront, in the long run, you’ll have the potential to earn more over time as they continue to live online. Recess protip: Create an introductory workout that you can offer for free so new clients can get a sense of your style. This can be a shorter length class that showcases your core offerings and personality. This will help funnel clients to both your live and on-demand options.

If you’re nervous to start filming VOD, Megan shared “a little hack that I’ve had is that I have a zoom group on that I record with” so that she has the energy of an audience when filming what will ultimately be on-demand video. So recruit your most supportive friends to cheer you on from the sidelines as you create this new offering.


Recess Instructor Megan Marie


Get Technical with CRU Creative


You don’t need fancy gear to make great content. Likely the iPhone, iPad or camera you already have will do a great job of filming for VOD. If you’re looking for ideas on how to set-up your space, check out our previous post here.


Recess Instructor Fleur De Lis Fitness


One option you have is to film a class on Recess and utilize all the tools that are already built-in like the separate voice and music controls. You can then use the content as on-demand classes. 

If you’re looking to have more flexibility to edit videos you can film them outside of Recess, and keep it simple by opting to use the default program for iPhone and Mac-x iMovie. CRU did the legwork for you with reference videos if you need a crash course in video technology. 

We hope these suggestions and tutorials from our Recess community help you take the plunge to start creating on-demand videos for your clients. Let us know in the comments how it goes! 

If you’d like to follow Megan’s virtual journey, you can find her on Recess at You can also find Cru Creative on IG