Noel Davis is known as the archaeologist turned personal trainer, and that is a great story! After experiencing a traumatic life event her life was changed forever, and after receiving medical advice to rebuild her strength (more on that below) she discovered a passion for fitness which helped her launch her career as a personal trainer and staring her business Paris Fit.

Learn more about Noel and her continued journey below.



Recess: How did you get your start in fitness?

Noel Davis (ND): Since a child, I have had dreams of becoming an archeologist in which I started my first government project on I-95 in 2014 after graduating from Rutgers University. Unfortunately, I ended up in a traumatic car accident that changed my life a year after starting my dream career. Having to go to physical therapy and numerous doctor appointments for over a year I lost strength in my back as I currently have a permanent bulging disc that causes pain down my legs from time to time. By mid-2016 a doctor gave me the advice of rebuilding my core as a way to strengthen my back! At that point, there was hope again and he was 100% right! After a few months of seeing results, my love for health and fitness grew! After I was able to rehabilitate myself, I wanted to help others do the same. At that moment I understood my newest goal which was personal training! On September 1, 2017, I finally became a certified personal trainer and that is when started my very own company “Paris Fit”.

Recess: How do you try to empower your clientele?

ND: I try to empower my clientele by keeping them motivated when we train and even when I am not around them. Having a private fitness studio, a fitness app, and fitness products allows the opportunity for my clients to feel committed to their fitness routines. I always remind my clients of their hard work and dedication is also another way how I continue to empower them. Paris Fit is known for our beautiful pink studio but also for being a safe house for all women. We vent, laugh, we smile, and you get strong all that the same time!

Recess: Do you have any go-to motivational techniques that you use for yourself and for your students?

ND: My go-to motivational technique is creating a space that is inspiring. For clients and myself, music is huge especially when training. I learn what music my client’s music preferences are and they all have their own personal playlist! Having great energy allows me to attract great energy which is why all my clients and students have a great time while training with Paris Fit. Also, another go-to motivational technique is creating a customized plan for myself and my clients. I understand everyone’s weaknesses, injuries, and strengths and I ensure that everyone will feel accomplished and satisfied with every workout session.

Recess: What would be your top tip for feeling strong physically and mentally?

ND: My top tip for feeling strong physically and mentally is always fed the brain and invest time in self-care. Eating healthy foods and fruit can make a huge difference as well as loving and taking care of yourself every chance you get! You get one body to love it and cherish it!