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As a well-known celebrity trainer from London, Louis Chandler is now making a name for himself in Los Angeles.   This technique is supported by the ideology that a fitness-focused lifestyle offers benefits beyond the physical. He has successfully created a community that helps everyone to feel empowered through movement. Chandler has helped others maintain and improve their mental health on a regular basis.

You can experience what it’s like to workout with Louis on December 11th during the Move for Mental Health series.  Box for Mental Health will include a class with Chandler and other well-known fitness professionals that will definitely have you on your feet.

How has boxing helped Louis?  Keep reading to learn more!

Recess: Has fitness always been an important part of your life? If not, why is it important now more than ever?

Louis Chandler (LC): Fitness has always been important in my life. Growing up around sport meant it was always a part of my daily lifestyle.

Recess: What does your week-to-week workout routine look like?

LC: My week to week workout consists of 4x weight training and boxing workouts.

Recess: What are some of the daily routines and movements that support your mental health?

LC: Boxing I would say has been the best workout for my mental health, it’s helped with anxiety and frustration.

Recess: If someone was just starting on their fitness journey (and needed a pick-me-up!), what would you say?

LC: For someone who just started out and needs a pick-me-up, I would say find a type of workout you enjoy, yoga/boxing / HIIT as we are always more likely to do workouts we actually enjoy.

Recess: What do you do when you’re feeling burnout coming on?

LC: When I’m feeling burnout, it’s really simple, I take a break or a day off. People really underestimate how important taking time off for your body and mind is. Return refreshed.

Recess: Why is destigmatizing mental health personally important to you?

LC: I think in today’s generation we are so involved in social media and what other people think and say about us, we don’t realize this all plays a part in our self-esteem which is all a part of our mental well-being. Focusing on Mental health isn’t something to be ashamed of it’s something we should be proud to embrace and discuss.