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Jesse Israel is a thought leader and change-maker! He has been featured in Vogue, TIME, WIRED, Ad Week, The Wall Street Journal, and much more!

He offers a meditation course that teaches others how to lead a meditation practice in a new way that provides a ton of impact. This style of meditation can reverse and prevent toxic stress and anxiety. Facing his own mental health hurdles as a former record producer executive he turned to meditation. This practice changed his life so much that he wanted to help others in a similar way so created a social meditation community called Medi Club. Shortly after he founded The Big Quiet which gathers thousands of people at a time for a group meditation.  Jesse is changing how society views meditation and highlighting the importance of this practice through his multitude of collaborations.

Israel says his mission is to connect people to their joy, keep reading to learn more about how he is making this happen.

Recess: Has fitness always been an important part of your life? If not, why is it important now more than ever?

Jesse Israel (JI): Yes! Starting in the 6th grade I started paying attention to the ingredients of foods I would put into my body.

Recess: What does your week-to-week workout routine look like?

(JI): I meditate for 20 minutes every morning and afternoon; I work out or move my body for 30 minutes every weekday; I do a few mins of chanting and vision journaling every day; I see my family in person every week; I connect w friends at least twice per week; I cook at least 1-2 meals at home per day.

Recess: What are some of the daily routines and movements that support your mental health?

(JI): I love a spin bike, specifically my Peloton, and riding my bicycle. I’ve also been really into using resistance bands for my workouts. Also, just a big fan of sending voice notes to people expressing what I love about them and going for solo walks at the end of the day.

Recess: If someone was just starting on their fitness journey (and needed a pick-me-up!), what would you say?

(JI): Let go of any expectations or preferences around what you think meditation is supposed to look like or feel like, and trust that your body and mind are having the experiences that they need to release stress. And check out the 1 Giant Mind app!

Recess: What do you do when you’re feeling burnout coming on?

(JI): REST! Put my feet on the earth’s surface. Spend time in nature. Do a digital and/or phone detox for at least 24 hours. Schedule fewer meetings and social engagements. Be easy on myself. Go to sleep early and take baths.

Recess: Why is destigmatizing mental health personally important to you?

(JI): When we vocalize our experience, we realize that so many of us are going through the same challenges with mental health, and it allows us to feel less alone and more as we belong.