Jenna Willis believes that in order to be fit you have to engage your body, mind, and spirit. She started her fitness journey to help her cope with her anxiety and her search for overall peace. She eventually realized that a healthy lifestyle is more than just exercising.  Her complete mind-body approach to wellness, as well as her results, has made her an authority in this space. Her impressive client roster includes Youtube sensation Liza Koshy, Reality Queen Lala Kent, and Pop Music Icon Camila Cabello just to name a few.  

In an industry obsessed with perfection, Jenna embraces the awkward, allowing those she trains to focus on enjoying working out rather than stressing about it.  ​

I work out because I love it and my plan is to teach others how to find joy in it by making exercise accessible for all different fitness levels, with modifications from beginner to experienced athlete. ” Jenna Willis

To learn more about Jenna and her journey, continue reading her interview below where she opens up about mental health and her love for fitness.

Recess: Has fitness always been an important part of your life? If not, why is it important now more than ever?

Jenna Willis (JW): No, it was learned. I was active as a kid, as “fitness” was team sports, playing outside, and riding my bicycle. These were the places where I could have fun, and be present. I’ve learned while “fitness” now is a little different consisting of hitting the gym or going for a hike, it gives me balance- a way of self-regulating.

Recess: What does your week-to-week workout routine look like?

JW: I believe in creating a routine that you’ll enjoy. For me, right now,  it’s 2, HIIT days a week in my own virtual fitness community Don’t Sweat It Alone balanced with 3 strength days, a day of outdoor activity, normally a hike, and a day of rest.

Recess: What are some of the daily routines and movements that support your mental health?

JW: Loving on my pups, having mindful moments, and taking some time for self-care ( an Epsom salt bath, reading a few pages of a book, or a face mask are some go-to’s).

Recess: If someone was just starting on their fitness journey (and needed a pick-me-up!), what would you say?

JW: If I could teleport you a month into the future, and you saw the transformation that was happening because you DID dedicate yourself, you wouldn’t need to pick me up.  It’s never too late to begin.

Recess: What do you do when you’re feeling burnout coming on?

JW: Honestly, I take a day of rest, or find a FUN activity. I grab a friend and go for a bike ride, or get on some rollerblades. Sometimes, we just need that little reset button and to listen to our bodies.

Recess: Why is destigmatizing mental health personally important to you?

JW: When is there ever a “good time” to open up about struggles with stress and anxiety? Especially when it seems there are constant societal pressures to both accept and cope with a fearless poise. So, poised or not, let me shout it loud and clear that… I STRUGGLE with ANXIETY and I just want the world to continue to realize, that that is okay, it’s how we move through it and love ourselves through the highs and the lows that make the difference. The more we talk, the more we know, the more we grow, the more we evolve together.