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You have an amazing wellness program, a passion to help people, and the drive to do what it takes but you have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing your business? Sure, word of mouth goes a long way, your clients are the best at vouching for you but what if you want to reach a wider audience? Perhaps this is your first time as a solopreneur?  

Below a few marketing experts share how you can get started without feeling overwhelmed.

If you are new to marketing your business the first thing you need to invest in is time suggests Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, CEO/ Executive Producer, THIS IS IT NETWORK.

“Provide yourself the time needed in order to hone in on your “unique equation”. Use the time to gain clarity on who you are, what you want, and why your business is unique. Your “unique equation” is the foundation of your effective marketing plan.” explains Rumer.  

In addition to time, you will want to also set aside a modest budget as you navigate through the ins and outs of marketing and publicity. One thing you don’t want to do is simply hire out, says Sabina Hitchen of PressforSuccess.com a pr school and membership community for entrepreneurs and experts of all kinds. She goes on to say “You’ll never know enough about what works and doesn’t work for your business, the in’s and out’s of PR and marketing, and more until you first try it on your own.”

Navigating marketing for your business will not be an overnight process so remember to be patient with yourself and the results. “Most fitness pros are probably less experienced in marketing so of course, it’s hard and maybe even daunting at first. The first time I got on a Jacob’s Ladder I was terrified! I STILL haven’t taken a spin class because it’s new and intimidating to me!  But the more I avoid things because they’re new or even a little bit difficult, the more I rob myself of opportunity and positive changes. It’s the same for marketing and PR!” shares Hitchen  Devote the time to read trustworthy news resources, study from other professionals that are reputable in the business, and be open to always learning.

Don’t forget your customer, as a solopreneur, you can easily get wrapped up in what you would like to see in your business not realizing that may not be what your customer wants.  Kate Burda, CEO, and founder of consulting firm Kate Burda & Co., explains the importance of focusing on the customer. “We say it and we hear it all the time, yet rarely do we see companies leading with what their customer truly cares about.   They lead with product, they lead with what they want the customer to know, or what they think the customer needs, which in many cases is not what the customer cares about.” shares Burda. Kate shares some key pointers to keep in mind:

The big takeaway is that once you have mindshare you will get market share and their business.

Last but not least, the marketing plan! If you want to succeed you need a plan like most things in life. A plan can be intimidating but it can also set you free! “Marketing plans help you ensure you don’t miss PR and marketing opportunities (for example, capitalizing on different health-related holidays or events) and hold you to your commitments to take action.” shares Sabina.  This may take a lot of work upfront but it pays off down the road. You will have a clear understanding of the tasks at hand so you know what you need to get done for your business. When you follow a plan you avoid unnecessary work.

Navigating a niche community that can offer support and understanding to your marketing needs will definitely help to take the edge off as you start to plan out your marketing.  Recess offers a Marketing Tool Kit that helps you market yourself and gain marketing ideas you can use to enhance your class attendance as well as the overall business.

Good luck, you got this!