Lizet & Melissa

Recess is continuing the celebration of Women’s History Month by highlighting two fitness professionals who balance inspiring others to reach their goals and motherhood at the same time. Lizet and Melissa share their stories, what keeps them going, and advice for other professional mamas out here.

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Lizet identifies as a Mexican-American woman, partner, and Health & Fitness expert. Currently, she teaches a hybrid class as part of her program “Home Sweat Affair” that induces Cardio, HIIT, and sculpt on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 7:30PST. Lizet’s class offers an opportunity to strengthen and tone muscles while receiving motivation, accountability, and the realization of your stronger self. “As a mother,” says Lizet, “I am doing my best to be a positive influence in my daughter’s life, and guide her to be the best version of herself. As a partner, it’s about supporting one another, and working together as a team so that we can continue to evolve and grow. And finally, as an expert in Health & Fitness, I hope to be a motivational force in people’s fitness journey.”




Melissa lives in Houston, TX with her 3 children, husband, 2 dogs, and lots of birds! In November of 2017, Melissa purchased a book on self-healing. This prompted her to begin working towards reaching her healthiest self through nutrition, physical fitness, and emotional wellness. During the pandemic, Melissa began her online fitness class, building community and connection among her friends. Now, she’s working to become a holistic health coach and fitness instructor. “I am passionate about the life I am living,” says Melissa, which allows her to share this passion and inspire others to “change their habits and discover how they can be stronger, have more energy throughout the day, and get lean.” Along with physical exercise, Melissa also notes her classes are about recognizing that “feeling like something needs to change… and helps bring balance to the mind, body, and soul.”


How they balance their families, clients, and career growth

1. Acceptance

Lizet says the number one thing that keeps her going and able to manage all the pieces of her life is acceptance. “Accepting things as they are, letting go of expectations, living life in the present moment, and trusting that the universe has your back. I remind myself that I have the power to decide how circumstances will affect my mood.” Melissa shares this sentiment and notes that by looking forward to what the day holds – which is often a lot- she can center her energy around being present to truly enjoy her day-to-day.

2. Routines

Both women agree that setting up routines is the key to success. Through trial and error, Melissa and Lizet have figured out how to manage the many jobs they’re tasked with. Melissa swears by turning off the TV and canceling her social media accounts. “I have so much more time to do everything else,” she says. Lizet highlights the essential component of rituals and routines to check things off of her to-do list. “I have learned to weave my daily life into my daughter’s schedule.”

3. Self-care

Practicing self-care is something I truly believe is a must to mentally survive life’s daily demands,” Lizet shares. “I know most mothers are guilty of neglecting their own needs… carve out time in your weekly schedule, and let the household know (to) ensure you get the personal time you deserve.” Melissa agrees. “It needs to be a daily thing,” she says. Here are some of the top ways Lizet and Melissa practice self-care.


Advice for others

Get an accountability coach if you have goals,” says Melisa. “a coach that can help you figure out [any ailments and can] guide you and support you.” And, “limit or detox from social media,” to help manage stress and get quality sleep. Most important, she says, is to “look at yourself as a whole person – holistically – from the body to mind to spirit.” Lizet agrees and notes, “my success in each role and in maintaining my identity is dependent on me being my true and authentic self. I practice what I preach, and by living my truth, I believe that I can live up to the many roles I play in my life.”

Both women know how hard balancing a family, career, and their own identities is. They urge others to “push through the obstacles and challenges,” and use them as moments to learn from and cherish as you continue on the journey of finding what works for you. 

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