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Simplified Gym & Studio Software

Reporting - Robust metrics to tracks what moves the needle in your business.

Communication center - Message and email your clients and leads in product. Replace expensive messaging platforms with Recess.

Automations - Designate a trigger and automate your response actions.

Recess Saves Gyms & Studios an Average of $3,000/mo*

*in software subscriptions and processing fees

Avg. Savings for Gyms & Studios

2.9% + $.30

Payment Processing Fee Removed

People Taking Classes

Growth-Centric Features

Manage your team, optimize your leads, increase client engagement, and scale your business.

Simple class scheduling

Advanced metrics and reporting

Varied staff permissions

Email automations for bookings and reminders

Unlimited space for video library passive revenue

Communication center to text and email your clients

Custom web apps

Seamlessly embeds into your website

Retail sales

Custom web pages

Transactional emails

Marketing emails

Lead gen

Strategic tagging system

Your All-in-one Solution

Ditch the hodge podge of business subscriptions and bring it all in together with Recess.

Award Winning Support

Our support team is here for both you and your clients, so you never have to answer a “how do I log in?” question again.

Our support team pulls failed payment reports each week to help you recoup payments or fight CC disputes.

We offer monthly education to help you and your team grow with topics like branding, lead generation, and sales.

Recess Saves Gyms & Studios an Average of $36,000/year in Platform and Processing Fees

Here’s the best part

It’s free to use Recess. Everyone nickels and dimes entrepreneurs. We’re here to make you whole.

No monthly subscription fee

We cover your credit card payment processing fees

Small dynamic client transaction fee

Switching is Simple

You’ll receive a dedicated account manager that handles the entire process for you.

Recess Will:
1) Migrate all client data
2) Load up your entire dashboard with clients and class schedule

We'll even, train your team , supply you with email templates for your clients, and in some cases member of our team will be on-site for launch day*

Collaborate With Top Talent

Quick, one line to support.

Host Your Upcoming Event

Quick, one line to support.

Collaborate With Top Talent

Quick, one line to support.

Host Your Upcoming Event

Quick, one line to support.