Blog April 25 - Instructors

Thinking about reducing waste in your life, including your wardrobe? If you are concerned about our environment and future generations then your thinking is on the right track.

By choosing sustainable brands you are helping to reduce waste while being kind to the earth. Most of us are basically living in workout gear, either because of the new work-life scenario, physical activity is on the agenda every day, or just for plain comfort! This might leave you feeling concerned about the quality of the clothing out there if you switch over to sustainable options.  No need to worry! Sustainable brands focus on quality using materials that are meant to last which is a huge money saver and helps avoid the need to constantly buy workout apparel.

When selecting pieces you want to make sure they will perform the way you want them to and are truly ethically made. Here are few things to keep in mind:

As you prepare for spring and you are thinking of switching out a few items consider the active brands below that live up to what they promise.

Here are some brands to get you started!

Girlfriend Collective: They have a new line of everyday essentials for ALL.

Athleta: This is a one-stop-shop for a variety of timeless pieces no what the activity is. 

Kaira Active: This line includes fun prints and they also sell face masks.

Yogavated: All items are made in-house by hand.  

Threads 4 Thought: The theme in their reviews is super soft and comfy.

Organic Basics:  Simple basics made out of material to last.

Nube: Made in the USA with 100% recyclable packaging.

Patagonia: Excellent for the entire family especially if you are very active outdoors.

Ecoalf: Stylish pieces with a higher price tag.

Boody: You can’t go wrong with these simple basics including undergarments.

When it comes to making an impact every little bit counts, you can always make a difference so why not start with shopping ethically.