Working from home has its pros and cons when it comes to your overall health. There is the presumption that your stress level is reduced by removing daily commutes and a restricted sleep schedule. Although this may be true in some cases, in other scenarios, stress levels might be elevated with the task of balancing home-life and work-life in one space.

Pros and Cons of Working from Home re: Exercising

Being at home may also support or deter your fitness regime. Creating a dedicated workout space within your home makes it more seamless to fit in workouts more regularly even if you are someone who struggled with finding the time. The same goes for your eating habits- often you may be tempted to eat things you wouldn’t normally eat because it’s in the office. Being in control of the foods you eat that make you feel good and give you energy is another advantage of working from home.

Gretchen Zelek

Gretchen Zelek, a Group Fitness Instructor and Functional Aging Specialist says, “If you like to work out before going to work, you don’t have to compromise on sleep or travel time. You just do it. It provides a better work and life balance. You can schedule your day so you don’t have to save everything for the weekend or after work.” VOD classes on are an amazing option if you are trying to find classes to squeeze into your morning routine.

Pros and Cons of Working from Home re: Your Career

Wasim Hajjiri, a Fitness professional and business coach, believes that there are many advantages of working from home regardless of what stage in your career you are in. Some of the obvious benefits include saving on the cost of commuting as well as the flexibility that comes from working within our own habitat. “You can also avoid distractions and office politics that often occur in an office setting. Working from home typically results in increased productivity and job satisfaction,” explains Hajjiri.

Wasim Hajjiri

Wasim warns that there are also disadvantages when you are not in the office. Getting too comfortable can result in a lack of motivation and you can be easily distracted with responsibilities within the home. “I coached some clients that like a hybrid situation, where they can spend some days in the office while other days are remote. In the end, I truly believe that every person should sit down and map out their values and what is most important. Then you need to build your work/life balance around that. Work culture is the most important aspect of having a job: surveyed thousands of people and it revealed that people would even take a pay cut to be in an environment that is healthy and is aligned with their needs,” he further shares.

Pros and Cons of Working from Home re: Your Health

Zelek feels that depending on your personality, working from home may hinder your healthy lifestyle. She explains that you need the space and equipment to work (and work out) at home. If you are in restricted space this might not be easy to reconstruct. “It is necessary for you to be organized, committed, and disciplined. Going into a workplace provides a routine; if it’s a challenge to create that for yourself on your own then this can become problematic,” says Zelek

Going into a workplace provides a routine, if it’s a challenge to create that for yourself on your own then this can become problematic. – Zelek

Rachel HallRachel Hall is the Fitness Director of Body FX, she touches upon the fact that drumming up motivation on your own may be really tough. “You may feel like you are missing the socialization and community that comes with group fitness classes. Without this social element, you may have trouble motivating yourself to start a workout or to push harder in your workouts without others around to motivate you,” explains Hall. The way around this is by joining online support groups where you can connect with like-minded individuals that you benefit from and share your ups and downs.

A highlight of working from home is the variety of workouts and opportunities you can be exposed to. “Many online platforms provide access to hundreds of workouts that vary in training style and length of the workout. You can choose what your body needs based on your experience and goals. Or if you’re feeling like you want to try something new, you can do a workout that interests you. By going through so many workouts, you’ll get exposure to many fitness professionals and personalities,” says Hall. There are so many amazing platforms like Body FX and that are a perfect companion to working from home!

Whether you are completely working from home or in a hybrid situation there are several pros and cons to both. Finding what works best for you both professionally and personally will take time. Through trial and error, you will craft a routine that suits you best.