Blog March 7 - instructors V2


International Women’s Day is March 8th! This year we’re celebrating by highlighting a few of our own women fitness professionals who strive to empower others by providing opportunities for health and wellness in the Recess community. This day is celebrated around the world as a chance to lift up women’s voices, focus on women’s rights, and take action towards ensuring equity in gender. You can learn more about International Women’s Day and find more ways to celebrate here

Here are only some of the women that lift up the Recess community through movement, strength, and connection:


Haley Jones


Haley offers live yoga classes from gentle morning flow to power vinyasa. Her on-demand classes each contain a powerful mantra to connect the mind, spirit, and body as you move through her class. Check out Haley’s classes by visiting!


Keisha Saddler


Keisha is all about balance when it comes to strength and fitness. She sees the beauty of each client’s individual strength and fitness level. Keisha works to motivate everyone to both work hard and enjoy life inside and outside of her classes. Check out Keisha’s classes by visiting!


Coach JJ


Coach JJ provides a space for her clients to bring their best and “werk” to make a change in their lives. Her classes strive to not only provide a great workout, but to educate, inspire, and entertain too. The highlight of each of her classes is the deliverance of action-packed routines to create an enjoyable and memorable workout experience. See more of Coach JJ’s classes by visiting!


Davitta Rae


Davitta, aka Vitta, uses her own journey of growing confidence through fitness to coach others on their journey. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and Pre/Postnatal specialist, she’s sure to help guide her clients on the path to reaching their full potential. See Vitta’s classes by visiting


Nan Luma


Nan comes to the fitness world after realizing she needed more than “faking it ‘till she made it” in her previous career. As a movement coach, she works to illuminate each of her client’s maximum capacities in mind, body, and spirit. Check out Nan’s classes by visiting!


Drea Marchesi


Drea believes in connecting the physical body with the emotional mind and strengthening them together. She’s known for her sweat sessions that motivate and inspire those who join her. Drea inspires others by highlighting the deep connection between individuals and the environment and works to create health and wellness for both. Check out Drea’s classes by visiting!